Hotel Full Name

Name of the hotel you want to add to our website accompanied by the hotel brand name, if applied. If you’re member of others voluntary chains like LHW or SLH, this information will be available at the end of the “Overview”

Beside your hotel name, there is a “Booking” window, that take the visitors directly to your hotel website and your own booking engine, once they selected the dates of their stay.

1st & 2nd Photo

To achieve great picture, the first step is to take photos of what travelers are looking for. Much of what you want to do with your images is charm the potential guest. Because our company is leisure oriented, we want to start with a picture that will give the client the desire to come to the hotel. We ask that the first two photo shows the beach or the pool view of the hotel.

3rd Photo

This middle-situated photo must show one of your best rooms. In hospitality and travel, we are selling a dream. People must come to your hotel in order to experience and even touch your hotel product. Please make your potential guests to dream about the comfort they would experiencing.

4th & 5th Photo

These photos must show one of the services, that makes the hotel proud or different from other competitors. These are the images that tell guests that you have something special and have invested in making their time at your property exceptional.

6th Photo

We recommend to terminate with guest personal experience, to use the photo showing the clients enjoying the hotel services (Spa, Bar, Golf, etc) or to feature people using the hotel amenities. No matter how talented your photographer is, they can’t effectively design your photographs unless they have a clear idea of who you are selling to and how.